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5/21/2011 – Katy S. from Silverthorne, CO

About 2 years ago I changed over from having my car serviced by the local dealer to SAG. They are awesome! Some of the work I have had done included: – Oil changes – Tire Rotations – Brakes* – Clutch* Oh by the way…the * is where I saved substantial $$ by using SAG over the dealer. Not to mention that if I go in and explain the problem, they LOOK at it first and tell me if it is really time to do the change. For example, my clutch – they said “yes, we can do it now, but you’ll get another 2,000 miles out of it if you just want to come back then”. I don’t drive much so that meant an extra 4 months to put off the work and save up the money. In addition, if you think something is wrong, they are very clear to let you know if it is a safety thing or just something annoying. In other words, they let you decide the critically of what is being done. This group is interested in building a long term relationship with you and I like that. They are honest and although not the cheapest place in town, definitely reasonably priced.


12/21/2013 – George Burke. from Denver, CO

Summit Automotive Group was very professional and thorough about my clutch repair.  They were honest and straight forward with the pricing and estimate.  I highly recommend Summit Automotive Group for anyone who needs their vehicle serviced.